Church of England Diocese of Liverpool Warrington

St Elphin's reopens for Public Worship

1 Dec 2020, 11:45 a.m.

We are still far from being back to normal but we are happy to say that St Elphin’s will be open for public worship once again. There will be a service of Holy Communion at 10.30am each Sunday from 6<sup>th</sup> December.

Booking will be necessary as numbers are restricted to ensure safety. Your attendance will be recorded for Track and Trace purposes and details kept for 21 days.

Please note

Face coverings are to be worn.

2m social distancing to be observed.

Hands to be sanitised on entering and leaving.

There will be a one way system in and out and the marked route must be adhered to.

Only alternate pews will be used and places where you can sit will be marked by a “Reserved” card.

People from the same household may sit together.

There will be no singing or sharing of the Peace and no chatting with one another inside the building.

You remain in the pew to receive communion, only the priest will move around.

At the end of the service please remain seated until directed to leave. People at the back will leave first.

Should you wish to attend a service please ring Kathryn Hayes on

01925 656790 to book a place.

We ask that you arrive between 10.15 and 10.30am and wait to be admitted and directed to your pew.