The Organ

I In l942, the organ, at this time placed in a gallery over the north choir stalls and Boteler (now Regimental) Chapel, suffered irreparable damage caused by a sudden thaw of heavy snow blown by a blizzard into the belfry.

After much consideration and consultation, it was decided to dismantle the whole organ and carry out a complete rebuild. The work was entrusted to local organ builders, Rushworth and Draper of Liverpool. The result was a divided organ, modernized and enlarged.

The main section of the organ is at the west end of the church, with an accompanying section, together with the console, on the south side of the chancel. The organ, still in use, untouched, consists of three manuals and pedals, with a total of forty five speaking stops, together with thirteen couplers and two tremulants, making a total of sixty drawstops and some three thousand pipes.

The tone is renowned for its purity and typically English sound. Sadly, after over fifty years of use, the organ was in urgent need of major rebuild, in order to restore it to its original beauty.


The New Digital Organ

.  In 2005, a fine 3 manual digital organ was installed, the specification matching the pipe organ very closely.  Since its installation, it has attracted some fine recitalists, notably Professor Ian Tracey of Liverpool Cathedral.

A small choir sings at Sunday services, which is augmented on certain occasions.